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Sound Bright, Shine Bright Euro Voice Care

A good, all round preparation is essential for a successful performance

Euro Voice Care Rotterdam can help you reach your goals

Meet the team

Vocal Coaches

Marjan Oosterbaan and Barbara Goes, both voice-therapists /specialists, with over 25 years’ experience in everything involved with speech, voices and singing are on site daily to provide you with:

o Vocalmassages
o Vocal humidification
o Vocalexercises:e.g.the famous Voice Bubbling Therapyo Advice to prevent voice problems
o Taping; will support the muscle groups used when singing

Barbara and Marjan can be reached daily at the Ahoy stadium or send an email to marjanoosterbaan@ziggo.nl or visit www.eurovoicecare.com


Jan Willem Arendse and Jaap van Twisk are certified ENT-surgeons. With over 20 years’ experience, highly specialized in the treatment of vocal cord abnormalities in professional singers and speakers.

o Remove doubt about the quality of the vocal cords and create certainty regarding the performance. o By using high quality diagnostic equipment to visualize the details of the vocal cords and showing you the exact condition of your vocal cords.

Help you to prevent or cure problems with your voice www.rotterdamvoiceclinic.com.

o EllisArendse,is our hostess during the event.

Jan Willem and Jaap will be present in their Rotterdam Voice Clinic at the Ikazia Hospital situated at a five-minute walk from the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Please visit our website www.eurovoicecare.com