Een van de succesvolle sprekers op het 11de Salzburg Voice Symposium, Christian Macha, komt in april 2015 naar Nederland!

Christian Macha schreef:

“Our voice starts in our brain. People that are seeking our help in the
way of therapy or training as well as yourself as a therapist or
trainer/coach will receive many benefits with this workshop.
Voice always means personality and our personality begins in our brains.
You will learn how our brain works and about the important aspects of our
personality, that have an enormous impact on our voice.
You will also learn about MINDSET-work, how to cope best with stage fright
and how to support personality issues with voice work and applied
Why this workshop? Because I have a mission. I want to tell as many people
as possible about how our brain works and how we can use this knowledge
for a better life quality.
I’d love to see you in April”

U kunt nadere informatie vinden op www.stups.biz  of contact opnemen via info@marjanoosterbaan.nl. Op dat zelfde adres kunt u zich  opgeven om deze workshop op 11 en 12 april 2015, van 10.00-18.00 voor € 200,- bij te wonen.

Tot in april !?